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Island of Keent, ‘Serengeti on the Maas’

Hidden between the old fortified towns of Grave and Ravenstein in North Brabant is the island of Keent. A small hamlet surrounded by water and nature. Enclosed by the old arm of the Maas and the Maas is a wide floodplain area with exciting nature grazed by our tauros and Exmoor ponies. This 400-hectare nature reserve – owned by Brabants Landschap – is our home base; a Grazeland par excellence with an explosion of biodiversity and also the breeding ground of the Tauros.

Keent will surprise you. You will enter with a smile and leave with an enrichment.

Rewilding Center

Together with Brabants Landschap, we are located in a former farm on Zuijdenhoustraat 2 in Keent. Here, visitors can get specific information about nature and management with the Tauros and Exmoor pony in the Keent nature reserve. Together with Brabants Landschap, we organise all kinds of excursions and activities. In the coming years, we are committed to developing this place into a fully-fledged Rewilding Centre.


On the ground floor, there is an exhibition about the ‘Oude Maasarm Keent’ project and you will get information about the large-scale nature development, nature grazing, and about the special Tauros programme and the history of the primeval cattle. On the first and second floors, you can admire a replica of the primeval cattle and enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Enjoying wild nature

Nature reserve Keent is a special, robust area with wide views, a vast wilderness and a varied landscape with impressive wildlife and a starring role for the Tauros. A place with an important function as water storage during high water, but also where new nature is allowed to develop and biodiversity is increased. You are in cosy Brabant, but imagine yourself on the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. At least, that is what we often hear from our visitors.


Keent is the starting point for excursions and walks. Every 2nd Sunday of the month, Brabants Landschap organises a trail walk, from 10am to 12.30pm. The walk is mostly on unpaved paths and dykes. Often also over paths made by our Exmoor ponies and Tauroses.

working in nature

Scientists have known it for a long time; swapping your office for the open air once in a while makes for more creativity, better concentration and, above all, job satisfaction. Why is that? Very, very long ago, we humans lived to the rhythm of nature. We were always outside. In part, our physical and mental needs are still set to this. Our information centre offers space for all kinds of business opportunities, whether or not combined with a safari to the nature reserve.

Stay the night

Don’t want to go home yet after a day of wandering through nature? Then stay overnight at Grazelands. On our grounds there is a nature cottage for 5 people. A cosy, rural house with a large living kitchen and fully equipped. You wake up at the foot of the nature reserve overlooking the apple orchard and deafening silence all around you.

Keent as nursery of the Tauros

We tracked down the oldest cattle species and found them in the mountains in Spain. Farmers and cattle still work together there because of their physical pulling power. After some time, the first Tauros calf was born, Manolo Uno!

We are now four generations on and Keent is the birthplace of some 1,000 tauros. Our cattle have been adopted by 40 Dutch nature reserves, as well as areas in Spain, Portugal and Croatia.


We use our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and elsewhere in
Europe. For more than thirty years!

the tauros

With the Tauros programme we are developing Aurochs 2.0, the Tauros. An indispensable key species for wild nature in Europe.


Wild beef is delicious meat from animals that have had a good life. Taste the difference, taste the primal flavor!