Grazelands Rewilding

Restoring Europe’s wild landscapes, for a sustainable future.

Grazelands Rewilding is committed to restoring wild European landscapes with more biodiversity. The key lies in landscapes where we as humans no longer intervene with machines, but where natural processes are guiding. And where large grazers work in the rhythm of nature, in other words Grazelands!



We use our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. For more than thirty years!

Rewilding Center Keent

Keent is the birthplace of the Tauros. Our Rewilding Center is also there. Come and be surprised by the Serengeti on the Maas.

The Tauros


With the Tauros programme we are developing Aurochs 2.0, the Tauros. An indispensable key species for wild nature in Europe.


Wild beef is delicious meat from animals that have had a good life. Taste the difference, taste the primal flavor!

about us

Natural grazing is an interplay between animals and humans. We have a small professional and enthusiastic team. But you cannot ‘manage’ 4000 hectares alone with such a small team. We therefore cooperate intensively with ‘our’ volunteers. Enthusiastic nature lovers who carry out daily supervision of our herds, but also provide excursions, provide information and employ activities at the Rewilding Center Keent. In Keent we cooperate closely with Brabants Landschap. In addition, our network of partners is continuously expanding, in the Netherlands, but also abroad. These are all parties with whom we enjoy cooperating in fulfilling our mission.

All good things are wild and free

– Henry David Thoreau

natural grazing

We have been using our cows and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and abroad for over 30 years. The animals maintain attractive open landscapes and create space for new nature. They help increase biodiversity and play an important role in the fight against water or fire. In addition, CO2 is captured in the sites.

news and wild stories

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Houd honden aan de lijn

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Ecosysteemherstel meten voortaan mogelijk

Tauros tokens, biodiversiteit, bedrijven,

The Tauros programme

Cows used to be wild animals. Not always the dairy or beef cows as we know them nowadays. Not so long ago, huge herds of Aurochs – but also horses, European bison and other wild grazers – roamed the variety of European landscapes and jointly maintained them. A somewhat cooler version of what we still know from the African savannahs, but long since disappeared from our collective memory. Natural grazing was also one of the key processes of self-reliant nature in Europe. Aurochs were self-reliant and strong enough to survive in the European pre-human landscapes. That is why we started working in 2008 on bringing back a wild bovine as a full-fledged replacement for Aurochs, which became extinct in 1627, under the name Tauros. In our dream, the Tauros will become the icon of restored wild European nature.

Exploring Keent

Hidden between the old fortified towns of Grave and Ravenstein in North Brabant lies the island of Keent. A small hamlet, surrounded by water and nature. A renatured meander of the Meuse river surrounded by exciting nature that is grazed by our Tauros and Exmoor ponies. This approximately 350 hectare nature reserve, the Serengeti at the Meuse river, is our home base; a Grazeland par excellence with an explosion of biodiversity and also the nursery of the Tauros.

Our wild grazers

The Tauros

The Tauros is our showpiece. Glistening black and brown, extremely strong and resistant to wind and weather. Aurochs 2.0!

The Scottish Highlander

The Scottish Highlander has than proven its value as a trusted grazer in Dutch nature.

The Exmoor Pony

The original European species of wild horses are extinct. The Exmoor pony is a worthy replacement.