the tauros programme

Aurochs 2.0

The Tauros program is an initiative of Grazelands Rewilding, the former Taurus Foundation. Until 2008 we used the most self-reliant breeds at that time for natural grazing, namely; Scottish highland cattle and Exmoor ponies. However, these cattle breeds are not the optimal grazers for larger European wilderness areas. Certainly not if big wolfpacks are involved. Since 2008, we have therefore been working on a more highly adapted breed of cattle, better suited to its current and future role.

the tauros: born to re-wild!

Return of the Aurochs


The tauros plays a leading role in the international documentary ‘Return of the Aurochs’, made by the Austrian film company ScienceVision. The film is inspired by the book ‘The Aurochs, a Living Legend’ and tells the enchanting story of the Tauros in a compelling way with beautiful images from all over Europe. Filmmaker Michael Schlamberger has visited several places in Europe where Tauros roam freely, including the Velebit Mountains, one of Rewilding Europe’s. The documentary teaches us how the return of the Tauros contributes to a broader mission of large-scale nature restoration in Europe in which natural processes such as natural grazing are given space again and are allowed to shape the landscape.

Keent serves as a breeding ground for the Tauros

Various ancient cattle breeds are genetically very close to Aurochs. We tracked down the best breeds and found them in the mountains in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Farmers and cattle still work together there because of their physical pulling power. After some time, the first Tauros calf was born, Manolo Uno!

We are now seven generations further and Keent is the breeding ground for our total herd of around 1000 tauros. Tauros are grazing in several Dutch nature reserves, but also by areas in Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

key species for biodiversity

Aurochs was a key species for European biodiversity. Hundreds of plant and animal species could only survive in the footsteps of those enormous herds of grazers. With the Tauros Program we are developing the Aurochs 2.0, the Tauros. A ’breed’ of cattle that is indistinguishable from the former Aurochs, but can also survive in modern conditions. Ultimately we want the Tauros to become a truly wild species again, capable of shaping the new European wilderness. The end result looks like Aurochs, lives like Aurochs, behaves, eats and reproduces and ultimately dies like Aurochs.

the Aurochs, a living legend


This book describes the history and return of the Aurochs to the European scene. The beautifully illustrated reference work is published by Rewilding Europe, Taurus Foundation, ARK Nature Development and Wild Wonders of Europe. The book is available in Dutch, English, Spanish and Russian.

The book can be ordered directly from us for €29.95 (excl. shipping costs). You will not only receive a beautiful book with fascinating stories and beautiful photos, but you will also support the Tauros Program and the return of the legendary Aurochs to Europe.

Tip: also nice as a (Christmas) gift for your staff or business associates!


Our special work and in particular the ‘Tauros Programme’ has not gone unnoticed. In recent years, National Geopgraphic, The New Yorker, Science, CNN, Washington Post and Le Monde, among others, have visited Keent. This produced beautiful images and interesting articles or items. Check them out below!

Taurossen schitteren in kerstnummer van BBC wildlifemagazine

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Documentaire: The return of the Aurochs

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Leer de taal van de tauros

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Taurosprogramma in documentaire Arte over Rewilding Europe

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Vroege Vogels over 10 jaar Tauros

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We use our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. For more than thirty years!

rewilding center keent

Keent is the birthplace of the Tauros. Our Rewilding Center is also there. Come and be surprised by the Serengeti on the Maas.


Wild beef is delicious meat from animals that have had a good life. Taste the difference, taste the primal flavor!