what we do

Natural grazing

We have been using our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and abroad for over 30 years. The animals keep attractive landscapes open and create space for new nature. They help increase biodiversity and play an important role in the fight against water or fire. In addition, CO2 is captured in the sites.

together we boost biodiversity

natural grazing in practice

Our herds of cattle and horses have been grazing in Dutch and European nature for more than 30 years. More than 1000 animals on more than 4000 hectares. The landscape is flourishing with an explosion of biodiversity. After years of pioneering, we have developed ourselves into a respected partner in the field of natural grazing and the de-domestication of farm animals. We fill the niche between theorizing about rewilding and providing substance to the practical side. We are standing in the mud, with poop on our hands and rewilding an animal that should be an icon of nature conservation: the primeval cattle.

We share that knowledge and experience. We provide training and courses on how to deal with (semi-)wild grazers and how to carry out herd management with as little stress as possible for the animals or the people who do it.

A solution for every grazing question

Nature grazing is often tailor-made. Where nature reserves are large enough and objectives allow, grazers determine development. In smaller areas, customised grazing is the key to finding the right balance between large-scale process nature and biodiversity conservation and development. The trick is to find the right accents. Think of; natural herds, pressure grazing, temporarily connecting or linking sections of land, supplementing with other species and breeds. We have a great deal of experience with a variety of solution approaches and advise clients on nature target type, safety and design.


We have experience in de-domestication of animals/herds and the introduction of herds into new areas where they need to adapt to local conditions. We understand the process of de-domestication and reintroduction and are specialists in managing virtually wild herds in large areas. We know how to take a cow by the horns, literally.

Our wild grazers

The Tauros

The Tauros is our showpiece. Glistening black and brown, extremely strong and weather-resistant. The primeval cattle 2.0!

The Scottish highlander

The Scottish Highlander has more than proved its worth as a trusted grazer in the Dutch countryside.

The Exmoor pony

The original European species of wild horses are extinct. The Exmoor pony is a worthy replacement.