The board of Grazelands rewilding consists of four members, each with their own portfolio.

Ronald Goderie

managing director and director of Grazelands Rewilding

Ecologist at heart and working as an (independent) ecologist for forty years in various roles.

Not born between, but having grown up with cattle as a boy, I became mesmerised by those beautiful animals again after studying ecology. Now not as a production animal, but because of the important role they (can) play as key species in ecosystems.

I was involved in the initial ideation of natural grazing in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, I decided to put these ideas into practice and set up the Taurus Foundation. From then on, I have been an administrator and director of foundation Taurus, now Grazelands Rewilding.

What drives me is working – as part of a team – for the actual return of the wild animal to fulfil that role in the European landscape again. To rewild landscapes – where the original wild animals are no longer there – we must also rewild the ‘proxies’. And ultimately also ourselves to re-teach us how to coexist with large wild animals in Europe. For me, it’s about concrete results. I want to see the herds do their work, so not mere theory and reports. And, if possible, with a solid financial basis underneath, so that nature is not and does not remain dependent on (agricultural) subsidies or political winds.

Eric Schellekens

Director and managing director Grazelands Company

I literally grew up on an industrial estate. That’s where my motivation for improving the environment was born. During my biology studies, that became a focus on nature. The consultancy world in which I started my own agency and later joined Arcadis until now is beautiful. After only a few years, I also realised that I did not get enough energy from writing reports. I wanted something with implementation, something visible that was also innovative. In 1998, I came across the Taurus foundation and was offered the opportunity to join the initiators. I have never regretted this step and never will.

My role was and still is cooperating director. In the starting years cooperating in the field and making the sale of wild beef part of the revenue model. Gradually, however, adding value has shifted more and more to securing a revenue model for Grazelands Rewilding. In doing so, I am researching new earning models and innovative forms of nature funding for our growth in Europe.

My dream is that we will finally have a business that is future-proof and that makes a difference in the field of natural grazing. In this, I see a leading role for the Tauros as the indispensable link for restoring biodiversity in Europe. A company it is great to be able to work for, within a network of other organisations with high ambitions.

Another passion of mine is a combination of Canadian canoeing and Sweden. What a wonderful country it is. On the water, I get rid of all the stress and create space for new ideas.

Simoon Fransen


Living in Oijen on a small farm with my family, surrounded by horses, chickens, cats, dogs and bees.

Trained as a welfare manager and educationist with innovation as a focus area, I worked for 12 years in the government as a career advisor and later as an innovation manager. I initiated and led the first Future Centre for the government. In 2007, I started my own company as a consultant, where to this day I support organisations in change processes and offer leadership programmes, training and coaching.

My international career began when I became director of community development for Global Leadership TV in 2010. In 2016, I started working for the Presencing Institute (MIT). For 2 years, I was project manager of Ulab, and the Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC) in which 185,000 changemakers from around 200 countries participated during that period. From 2019 to 2023, I worked for Berkana Institute as a Programme Officer. I am also passionately involved in several change projects in Europe, for example focusing on climate change, nature restoration, regenerative agriculture, community development and system change in the built environment and healthcare sector.

As a director, I committed to Way of Nature for 5 years. Currently, I am active as a daily board member for Creabitat Foundation and since 2023 also for Grazelands Rewilding. In this role, a number of things come together for me; first of all the great love for nature and deep desire to contribute to the restoration of biodiversity. In addition, I can use my experience as an HR and organisational consultant to contribute to the organisation’s next steps; a phase in which rewilding will be increasingly recognised and deployed and in which Grazelands Rewilding cannot be missing!