Wild beef

Taste the primal taste

Wild beef is delicious, pure beef from animals that led a good life. Our herds roam freely in Dutch nature reserves all year round.

The cattle move around a lot and eat a varied diet of grass and herbs, which makes the wild beef beautifully marbled. The fat layers contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids and provide a rich, full flavor. Beef as it should be; without additives and straight from nature. Taste the difference, taste the primal flavor!

“Food for thought”

climate-neutral meat

Sometimes herds become larger than the carrying capacity of a nature area. In that case the surplus-animals are taken to an abbatoir and in the end processed in our small-scale butchery shop into Wild Beef. There is no production-oriented goal, but no beef (meat) is lost in the chain. Wild beef is therefore a circular product, coming from animals leading a full life in natural herds.
Our animals are not fed additionally and graze outside all year round. As a result, the carbon sequestration is larger than the methane-output: climate-neutral beef, it is possible.

healthy for nature and for you

Due to their natural lifestyle and varied diet, the meat of our animals has a unique quality. It is laced with healthy fats and contains many omega-3 fatty acids. Eating wild beef is good for your health and contributes to a healthy living environment with more biodiversity.

sustainable collaboration

The sales market for Wild Beef is a challenge. Not the consumer or provider, but nature guides our offering. That is why we also develop cooperation with local partners who are interested to work with a unique and sustainable product. They are primarily interested in finding creative ways to present consumers with a delicious and sustainable product and are also ambassadors for our story and mission.

Our partners

from field to fork

Wild beef tasting and safari

On request we organize an experience from field to fork in our Rewilding Center in the Keent nature reserve for groups of 25 people or more. We can take you on safari and you discover how the herds live, you learn the language of the cattle and discover how these impressive animals shape the rugged, wild landscape.

Butcher and chef Sid can give you a glimpse into his kitchen. He shows what makes Wild Beef so unique. You can ask him anything about the process, from field to fork. He also gives you tips for tasty recipes with Wild Beef.

Then you taste it. Possibly outside around a nice campfire or inside by our wood stove. You can’t taste more wilderness than that!

order wild beef

Meat packages can be purchased via the webshop. You can then pick up your package monthly at one of the collection points throughout the Netherlands. You can also buy your package at the door at the Grazelands Wilding center at Zuijdenhoutstraat 2 in Keent.

Tip! combine it with an exciting walk through the rugged primeval nature in Keent.



We use our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. For more than thirty years!

the tauros

With the Tauros programme we are developing Aurochs 2.0, the Tauros. An indispensable key species for wild nature in Europe.

rewilding center keent

Keent is the birthplace of the Tauros. Our Rewilding Center is also there. Come and be surprised by the Serengeti on the Maas.