Rewilding Center

Learning in, about and with nature

Our Rewilding Center is located in the Keent nature reserve. We share the center with Brabants Landschap. It is the starting point for excursions and walks and is increasingly developing into a fully-fledged center with training, education and workshops about rewilding, the Keent Peninsula and biodiversity. We have an ever-changing exhibition about nature and biodiversity. The Rewilding Center is also the center of activities for the volunteers of Brabants Landschap and Grazelands.

nature as a source of inspiration and teacher

training, inspiration and information

At the Grazelands Rewilding Center we can contribute even more to a sustainable living environment and biodiversity through various educational programs. We are working on a range of training courses, lectures and information resources on the theme of rewilding for different target groups.

We also offer a unique programme in the field of team building, personal leadership programs and team building. With our own team and broad network, there are various tailor-made learning programs in which there is always room for nature as a source of inspiration. By connecting people more with nature, we contribute in our own way to sustainable living and learning, effective leadership and vital organizations.

working in nature

Keent is an extraordinarily beautiful place with a story. An authentic location, surrounded by nature, where you can go with your team or group to train, hold meetings, work on team spirit, relax with your colleagues or meet your business contacts. Whether it concerns an on-site meeting, a party, a lecture or a full day with catering, excursions and (outdoor) activities, we are happy to think along with you and offer various types of tailor-made guidance. Consider quieter activities in nature such as a photography workshop, excursion to the large grazers, yoga or silent walk. We provide guidance for team sessions and training. And finally, you can also explore the wilder side with workshops such as woodworking, boning, tree climbing, etc.


Natural grazing and herd management

Our unique training ‘Natural grazing & herd management’ will start in the spring of 2024. A practice-oriented training with a lot of attention to fieldwork, which of course also focuses on the principles behind rewilding. You can already be put on the waiting list if you are interested in participating or if you would like to receive more information.

stay overnight

Do you want to stay overnight after a training or excursion through nature? That’s possible! There is a guesthouse for 5 people on our property. A cozy, rural house with a large kitchen and fully equipped. You wake up at the foot of the nature reserve with a view of the apple orchard and deafening silence around you.

the tauros

With the Tauros programme we are developing Aurochs 2.0, the Tauros. An indispensable key species for wild nature in Europe.


We use our cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. For more than thirty years!


Wild beef is delicious meat from animals that have had a good life. Taste the difference, taste the primal flavor!