Deployment of wild grazers

For over 30 years, we have deployed our herds of cattle and horses for natural grazing in the Netherlands and now elsewhere in Europe. They keep landscapes open and – sometimes together with other grazers such as wisent – give space to the recovery of nature and the development of new nature. They help increase biodiversity and play an important role in the fight against water and fire.

In the Netherlands, our herds graze about 4,000 hectares. With our decades of experience, we have become a respected partner in the field of natural grazing and the de-domestication of cattle and horses.

Our wild grazers

The Tauros

The Tauros is our showpiece. Glistening black and brown, extremely strong and weather-resistant. The primeval cattle 2.0!

The Scottish highlander

The Scottish Highlander has more than proved its worth as a trusted grazer in the Dutch countryside.

The Exmoor pony

The original European species of wild horses are extinct. The Exmoor pony is a worthy replacement.