our mission

Restoring Europe’s wild landscapes, for a sustainable future.

Grazelands Rewilding is committed to restoring wild European landscapes with more biodiversity. The key lies in landscapes where we as humans no longer intervene with machines, but where natural processes are guiding. And where large grazers work in the rhythm of nature, or Grazelands!

With over thirty years of experience in natural grazing, we are pioneers in the European rewilding movement. With our knowledge, expertise and herds of wild grazers, we contribute to the restoration of natural processes, increasing biodiversity, the resilience of the soil and support for wild nature. The Tauros is our pride and showpiece; a worthy successor to the extinct Aurochs. Together with other large grazers, Tauroses are grazing ever more natural areas in the Netherlands and abroad. They keep landscapes open and provide space for new nature. They help restore biodiversity and play an important role in the fight against water or fire.

Collaboration is key

We can only make progress in collaboration with others. That’s what we do, a lot. In the Netherlands we work together with ARK Rewilding Netherlands, Brabants Landschap and other nature organizations. Outside the Netherlands, our main partners are Rewilding Europe, Credit Nature and various Scottish nature organizations. We are also blessed with a passionate network of volunteers who mean a lot to us and help us manage our herds.

Rewilding Center

In our Rewilding Center in Keent, knowledge and experience of rewilding principles and natural grazing are central. A unique place where you can fully experience the wild landscape of Keent and the Maashorst.

Professionals from all over Europe can come here for training, excursions, lectures and events. We also receive visitors and companies who want to learn or work in and with nature or simply come to enjoy.

Discover the power of untamed nature for a sustainable future with Grazelands Rewilding!

Meet our team

Natural grazing is an interplay between animals and humans. We have a small professional and enthusiastic team. But you cannot ‘manage’ 4000 hectares alone with such a small team. We therefore work intensively with ‘our’ volunteers. Enthusiastic nature lovers who carry out daily supervision of our herds, but also provide excursions, information and activities at the Rewilding Center Keent. In Keent we work closely with Brabants Landschap. In addition, our network of partners is continuously expanding, in the Netherlands, but also abroad. These are all parties with whom we enjoy working and who agree with our mission and who, together with us, fulfill it in their own way.