Experts in sustainable grazing

Over 30 years of expert and honest nature development

Over 30 years ago, we recognised that nature in the Netherlands would come under increasing pressure and that nature development with natural, wild grazing as an important tool could turn the tide. We can rightly say that after a pioneering phase, we have developed into a respected cooperation partner when it comes to sustainable year-round grazing with wild grazers and the dedomestication of farm animals. In doing so, we create both tourist and economically attractive natural areas with more biodiversity.

We let nature be nature again; pure, genuine and original.

Team spirit

We are a professional team run by people with a heart for nature and a passion for animals. Our team spirit comes from a deep-seated love for our planet and everything that lives on it. We don’t talk about biodiversity restoration, we do it! Every day we dedicate ourselves to it. With our feet in the field and our gaze to the world around us. We combine innovative power with an entrepreneurial spirit and think in terms of possibilities. A driven team; tough, pragmatic and a touch rebellious. But above all, a team that wants to move forward. That wants to make an impact and is dedicated to preserving nature for generations to come.



Students now see us as a favourite internship site. We are a recognised internship company and enjoy guiding young people and making them enthusiastic about our work and mission. We offer a nice environment in which you get plenty of room to develop yourself and where you can learn from all sorts of aspects. You will participate in the field, sometimes jump in for Wildrundvlees and participate in activities and events.


Measuring is knowing! That is why we would love to hear from you if you are looking for an interesting research assignment. We think along with you to come up with the right formulation, so that you can get down to work in a targeted way and the research results will soon be of real use to us.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Then press the button below and send us an e-mail with your question or idea.


Around us, a large number of volunteers are active. As a local supervisor of our herds, but also on excursions, providing information and organising activities in our visitor centre. We work closely with Brabants Landschap in this respect. In addition, our network of volunteers is constantly expanding. They are all people who agree with our mission and contribute to it in their own way, together with us. Like Bert van Beek, our house photographer!

NB: many of the beautiful images on this website are by Bert, but other photographers have also made their images available free of charge.

Our clients and cooperation partners

Together strong for beautiful, new, exciting nature and biodiversity

In our view, you shouldn’t want to do everything alone. Together you are strong, especially if you pursue a common goal: beautiful, new and exciting nature with biodiversity. In the field of grazing and area management, we therefore cooperate with partners such as Ark Rewilding Nederland, Rewilding Europe and Strabo. Science, knowledge and research is another area where we seek cooperation with renowned knowledge institutes and associations. In this area, we work closely with, among others, The University of Wageningen and the Exmoor Ponies Partnership.

Vision of partnership

We also see our clients, managers and/or owners of (natural) areas and sites, as our partners. Only in good cooperation is it possible to realise our common nature dream. We have enjoyed working together with nature organisations such as Brabants Landschap and Natuurmonumenten, governments such as Rijkswaterstaat, Municipalities and Water Boards and the business community such as the Port of Rotterdam Authority for many years.